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After an exquisite breakfast with products from the Andalusian land, you will enjoy a comprehensive experience of oleotourism visiting all the corners of the Hacienda de Guzmán and discovering the secrets of the world of the olive grove. The walk through the hacienda will transport you back to the 16th century, when Hernando, son of Christopher Columbus, began to export to America the oil produced on the property in the post-Discovery stage. During the tour, you will see how olive oil was obtained in ancient times and how it is produced today, while you will learn to identify the characteristics of an extra virgin olive oil and its quality.

The Juan Ramón Guillén Foundation manages the visits to the Hacienda Guzmán, a non-profit organization established with the objective of promoting the development of the olive sector and the dissemination of the oil culture, as well as encouraging the consumption of olive oil both inside and outside our borders. Thus, the income obtained through the oleotourism project is used in its entirety to start up the different programs and initiatives that enable the foundation’s objectives to be met.

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What  does the Desayuno molinero visit include?

  • Andalusian breakfast.
  • Guided tour of Hacienda Guzmán, visiting the following spaces:
    • Olivoteca, a unique collection of olive trees in the world that has more than 150 varieties from 13 countries.
    • R&D center and HG oil mill, where Hacienda Guzmán extra virgin olive oil is produced.
    • Patio of the olive oil press house and original mill from the 17th century, a perfectly restored space that has a mahogany beam of about 15 meters in length.
    • Patio of the Manor, patio of stables, museum of carriages and Andalusian garden.
  • Guided tasting of the 4 varieties of extra virgin olive oil Hacienda Guzmán.
  • Gift of a 250 ml bottle of one of the four Hacienda Guzmán references (variety according to availability).


The general price of the Desayuno molinero visit is € 60 per person and includes a 250 ml bottle of one of the four Hacienda Guzmán varieties (variety according to availability), except children under 6 who have free access, and children between 6 and 11 years old, who have a 50% discount.

The visit is available in English and Spanish.

If a delay of 30 minutes from the agreed time occurs, the Juan Ramón Guillén Foundation reserves the right to cancel the visit without refund. Cancellation by the client supposes a cost of 20% of the invoice up to 2 hours before the visit. After those two hours, it is not possible to obtain the refund.




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