Hacienda Guzmán,
a shrine to the olive


The most exclusive extra virgin olive oil

The Hacienda Guzmán experience is to enjoy an exclusive extra virgin olive oil that is the fruit of the labour and deep knowledge of a family dedicated to olive oil throughout three generations.Produced on the basis of a meticulous selection process, HG can be referred to as a signature oil. To obtain our exclusive extra virgin oil, we pamper the fruit from its first shoots, prioritising compliance with the most demanding quality standards throughout the process

Hacienda Guzmán takes its name from the farm where it is produced. This unique enclave in the La Rinconada area (Seville) is a benchmark in the world of olive oil. Its history as a centre of oil production goes back to the 16th century, when Hernando, son of Christopher Columbus, exported the oil produced there to the new colonies in America. Nowadays, it is an essential place for lovers of olive oil.


A unique process

Achieving excellence requires the application of the most rigorous care. The level of personal excellence is maximum, so Hacienda Guzmán is subjected to three levels of selection that guarantee only the highest quality olives being used in the production of our extra virgin oil.

HG is produced only with olives belonging to Hacienda Guzmán, so that the duration of the production process is significantly shortened, and thorough monitoring of each of its phases carried out.


Discover the Hacienda

Visiting Hacienda Guzman is an experience that goes beyond its unique and historic olive grove.

Oleotourism is going back to our roots, leaving the hustle and bustle of the city to find the tranquillity between the breeze of the olive trees, the aroma of nature and the taste and purity of olive oil.

Carretera de Mairena S/N,
La Rinconada (Sevilla).

(0034) 955 511 777


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