Extra virgin olive oil production process | Hacienda Guzmán


Our philosophy of creation

The philosophy behind the farm is to carry out a responsible and sustainable activity with the environment, maintaining the highest quality standards in the production of our extra virgin olive oil. This is an integrated production cycle that takes place completely at Hacienda Guzmán.

The process is as important as the selected raw material. For this reason, at Hacienda Guzmán, 3 levels of selection are carried out: the first is from the plots, taking advantage to ensure monitoring of the entire farm throughout the year; the second is the olive, collected unripe and manually for quality assurance; and a third, the selection of the best oils, through analysis and tasting.


We select the olive trees with a better fruit quality

For greater management of irrigation, nutrition and diseases. The olive trees that offer better productivity and a higher quality yield are selected as raw material for the production of HG.
The 340 hectares of the Hacienda Guzmán have the Organic Certification of the Andalusian Committee of Ecological Agriculture (CAAE)


We ensure the most delicate processing of the raw material

At Hacienda Guzmán, olive harvesting is carried out manually to ensure the most delicate treatment of the raw material. This fact, along with the partial collection of the olives when they are still unripe, bring more organoleptic complexity to the final product, obtaining a premium olive oil that contributes great intensity in flavour and aroma, as well as a high level of antioxidants, ensuring a longer product life.


We immediately take the olives to the oil press

The fact that the farm is next to the mill allows harvesting of the olive to obtaining the oil to take less than 5 hours. This immediacy in the process helps ensure the high level of quality of Hacienda Guzmán extra virgin oils.


We discard the olives that do not meet our quality standards before introducing them into the press

Just before being introduced to the mill, the olives undergo manual selection in order to eliminate those olives that are in poor condition and to ensure that only those at the appropriate level of maturity make it into the mill.


We grind the olives at a controlled temperature and time to preserve the organoleptic and physico-chemical characteristics of our oil

Milling by varieties at a controlled temperature and time to preserve the appropriate organoleptic characteristics.
The result is an oil of the highest quality.


We keep our EVOO in stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature

Preservation of olive oil resulting in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature.


We select the highest quality stored oils to elaborate the coupages (blendings) with different maturity levels of each of the varieties

After milling, the different batches are collected and those that retain the best organoleptic properties are selected to form the coupage of each of the products.


Coupages with different ripeness levels for each type of product

It allows a balance to be found with sensations that are pleasant on the palate and complementary in the kitchen.


We bottle the EVOO in opaque containers in order to guarantee the best conservation of the extra virgin olive oil

The packaging is opaque in all our ranges in order to guarantee the best conservation of the EVOO. Its design has become an inherent part of HG’s identity, and has won international awards since the launch of the first unit on the market.


Committed to quality

The application of these strict procedures, its exclusivity and avant-garde design, its capacity to innovate and to offer a product of gastronomic luxury, produces a unique and singular olive oil.

The HG system presents the history of the olive grove. its tradition and constant innovation in processes and products, and also promotes olive culture and supports sustainability and social commitment.

The result is an exclusive, very high quality EVOO that expresses the singularity of a terroir, a savoir faire and a unique history.

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