Our experience through time



Hernando Colón, in charge of operating Hacienda Guzmán, sends goods to the New World and among them, olive oil.



Known until then as Hacienda de San Bartolomé, it changed its name to the current Hacienda Guzmán. Its new name is in honour of the Guzmán family, who founded their entailed estate (mayorazgo) on this land.


18th - 19th

The last of the Guzmán family to hold the title of Marchioness of San Bartolomé del Monte was Concepción de Aufftón y Guzmán.



British traveller and Hispanist Richard Ford visited Hacienda Guzmán, which he refers to in his Handbook for Travellers in Spain and Readers at Home.


20th and 21st

Hacienda Guzmán currently belongs to the Guillén family. It is still the site of olive oil production with gourmet HG olive oils.

Five centuries of olive tradition are the backing to our brand, which was born in 2012. The commitment and hard work of the Guillén family led to the development of this range of Premium olive oils, which today are already a reference in the market.